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Building Technology and Businesses

To create opportunity and insight

The Way We Work With Clients Set Us Apart

We are motivated by generating value and launching profitable endeavors for our clients. To demonstrate this commitment we align our reward to successful delivery by using novel business entities, joint ventures, and success criteria.

Building Teams To Create Technology and Business Solutions

Using our own experience building solutions, our network, and with a track record in hiring talented engineers, we assemble teams of people who make a transformative difference. We often work in blended teams, shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.

Identifying The Data And Assets That Enable Giant Leaps Forward

Our experience building applied machine learning technology has relied on understanding how corporate clients add value, what data they have yet to exploit, and where they can acquire additional information.

Adopting Creative Business Models

To align everyone around the same goals we have successfully spun new companies out of corporate parents, developed in-house teams with exceptional capabilities, and structured deals around success criteria. 

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We are a team of problem solvers who want to address the critical challenges that businesses face today. From helping de-clutter and clarify cyber security to transforming billions of imagery pixels into actionable data; we find problems, build teams, and deliver solutions to create value and generate insight. We like to execute, not just strategize, and we are excited to find the next challenge to work on.

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Jonathan Doyle

10 years supporting various US government agencies. 5 years of building products and businesses in industry and global development.

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Damon Jackman

10 years with the UK government including leading Heathrow Border Force. 5 years of building technology to solve operational challenges.


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